Apple switched to using USB-C, it is possible that Android users will reduce headaches

Apple switched to using USB-C, it is possible that Android users will reduce headaches

When a standard receives the support of the name representing revenues and profits, that standard will also be elevated.

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Weak move

Like all the previous summers, the storm of iPhone rumors have been stormy. One of the most notable rumors is about the connection port of the iPhone 2019, where Apple removed the familiar Lightning standard to switch to USB-C.

In essence, this is a step almost nothing unexpected. Apple itself was the first big name that contributed to the USB-C which attracted consumer attention when the Macbook 12 inch was upskirt in 2014, before the Samsung and most of the Android names keep up putting this connection port on their phones. Last year Apple also put USB-C onto iPad Pro. Apple’s vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, asserted the USB-C: “A high-performance calculator requires a high-performance gateway.”

Apple chuyển sang dùng USB-C, có thể người dùng Android sẽ bớt đau đầu đi rất nhiều - Ảnh 1.

Apple’s problem at this time was that Lightning was too outdated, USB-C losses both in terms of data rate and power transmission. Switching to USB-C will help Apple solve one of the most pronounced loss points of the iPhone compared to the Chinese Android models as the charging speed. Switching to USB will help to open up a new “sky” accessory. Most importantly, switching to USB-C will help to eliminate the final weakness in the current experience of the Ifans: having to bring many different types of sockets just because… Apple wants that.

No longer “universal”

Pity that with those who are already using the USB-C connection, things are not pink. Many years since USB-C became the standard of Android, the manufacturer has also almost saborufied the meaning “universal” (“uniform”) of this connection port. On a single election, Google canceled the newly charged dongle with a headset for the Pixel from 1 year ago, and if they wanted to make this very simple task of Google fans. Even Sony’s USB-C dongle, which is the No. 1 Market label, is also not compatible with Android’s own boss Android phone.

Apple chuyển sang dùng USB-C, có thể người dùng Android sẽ bớt đau đầu đi rất nhiều - Ảnh 2.

Or, still an audio story, nearly all of the chips are already available to convert the digital signal to analog audio: When both markets use Snapdragon chips, there is no doubt that any smartphone model has DAC Aqstic. But manufacturers can enable the use of DAC on chips or… Not. As a result, 1 type of chip has up to 2 types of dongle: some dongle (Samsung, Sony) just need to transmit analog signal from SoC chip, others have to do the digital signal switch to analog instead of chip (Huawei , Google). The user is troubled, although any chip still has a built-in DAC.

The most disturbing is the safety issue. At the end of 2014, just switched to USB-C the Google engineers had to voice criticize a big name OnePlus because of producing poor-quality charging cables, which could cause machine fires. USB-C does not support fast charging, but is limited depending on the chip mounted on each charging cord. Apple switched to USB-C, users will face a repository of counterfeit accessories.

Apple chuyển sang dùng USB-C, có thể người dùng Android sẽ bớt đau đầu đi rất nhiều - Ảnh 3.

It should be pointed out that even now the Lightning cable “clones” has flooded the market, but the likelihood that they cause fire when charging plug “cool” is very low. Lightning Cable Although “clones” also can work with iPhone for charging and even data transmission. All the Lightning port types are integrated with DAC chip, by simply Apple dongle. Apple switched to USB-C, iFan will “qualify” Android issues, from quality, safety to compatibility.

Apple will elevate

But on the reverse side, Apple’s move may be the turning point that Android users are waiting for. Though it is only 10% more secure than the global market share, Apple is still a high-level segment. This position allowed Apple to contribute to the creation of an “underground” standard that caused the world to run. For example, the Xperia Play stream game service supports Sony smartphones and… Iphone. Or, in 2017, Starbucks from the support for wireless charging standard PMA rushed to Qi, simply because that year Apple upskirt iPhone X/8/8 Plus using Qi.

USB-C Charging accessories or HP or Huawei screen plugs are also compatible with Macbook. USB-C hubs are mostly marketed with Macbook images, though Apple occupies only a small part of the PC world. Even, accessories of Android carriers are also marketed as being compatible with Apple.

People can wait for the same thing to take place with USB-C. Instead of being strong, manufacturers can follow Apple’s specification. In this way, USB-C can regain a hint of “universal” in its name. “
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